English for Business Communications

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Business English is the type of English used in business contexts, such as international trade, commerce, finance, insurance, banking, and many office settings. It entails expectations of clarity, particular vocabulary, and grammatical structures. This course provides an introduction to business communications for students who wish to attend a post-secondary institution where English is the medium of instruction or improve their English abilities for business related purposes. The aim of this course is to prepare students to succeed in complex business communication tasks in writing, reading, speaking, and listening.

Some aspects of this course may include: 

  • Social Interaction
  • Types of business communication, including telephone skills, e- mail skills, text messaging, making and changing appointments, writing presentations
  • Effective Interaction in meetings, agreeing and disagreeing
  • The Language of Negotiating
  • Making short Presentations, word building
  • Talking about products and brands
  • Talking about the company profiles and positions
  • Describing trends and change, ethical consumerism, international outsourcing
  • Management Styles
  • Finance
  • Schedules, Plans and Timetables
  • National, international and global factors, economies
  • A glossary of business terms and critical vocabulary


I am a freelance education consultant who desires to serve educational communities looking for assistance with professional development, teacher-training, curriculum development, blended learning, and/or administrative tasks. I am proficient in Spanish, have taught overseas (El Salvador/Cambodia), worked in various ESOL/non-traditional settings, designed curriculum projects, and have a collection of administrative experiences. ​I have led both teachers and students at juvenile detention centers, orphanages, international schools, third-world prisons, alternative learning centers, and diverse public high schools. Within these experiences, I have gathered extensive knowledge relating to: school culture, attendance programs, behavioral progress reform, new teacher-training, and staff needs for ongoing professional development. I have a proven track record of using classroom engagement strategies and have a comprehensive understanding of how to use emerging technologies to further student achievement. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments and again, thank you for your time. I look forward to working with you!

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  • Nataly Miranda

    English for Business Communications

    I did not have any expectation when I decided signed up for this class but I have to say that is more that anyone can expected. The Teacher is really nice and is willing to help you giving you tips or ideas of what English Business Communication is! It was a nice experience taking this course and I am pretty sure is going to help me a lot. I recommend this course to everyone who want to improve their skills in listening, writing, speaking.
  • Giuliana Paganica

    Business English Class Review

    For me personally this is already my third class with Kenneth and I haven't expected anything else than an amazing class like the other ones already. I was very excited for this class since I was trying to improve my skills in the field of business communication and management and I unsurprisingly didn't get disappointed. This class definitely met my expectations again and I could improve my English even more in the field of Business communication and expand my vocabulary. His class has a great balance of reading, writing, talking and listening and there's definitely something for everybody, especially since he's always trying his best to focus on every single student and tries to catch up with their preferences as much as possible! I also learned and got to know a lot of new amazing computer programs for all different purposes since I'm taking his classes and the best part about it is with Kenneth you'll never need to pay anything for any programs or materials. As a conclusion I can say I definitely had a lot of fun in this class and if you're looking for a class to improve your business communication skills I can definitely recommend you Kenneth's class!
  • Ladi Patricia Vargas Silva

    Business Class

    This course has a good dynamic, I liked the activities and the variety topics of this class. Professionalism of instructor makes this a good course to learn about business english. Time commitment needed to complete the assigments. I recommend it highly.
  • Stefani Nascimento

    Stefani Costa do Nascimento

    In this class could learn a little bit more about the world of business (personality, interviews and etc). I did class online before and it was hard for me because the teacher didn't know how to do it online. But our class with Kenneth Trotman was really good, he knows how to interact everyone to not get bored! And i really liked because he was always giving us homework where i could improve my skills that i wanted (like reading and writing). My advice for this class is that i was expecting on how to respond emails and meetings maybe you can include that. But i totally recommend this class!
  • Alana Mello

    Excellent class!

    I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in learning and practicing more about English business. Mr Kenneth is an awesome teacher, very competent and with a good sense of humor to make this class not boring! He is always willing to help the students, also he is very attentive to everyone and even in times outside of class he was giving assistance by email. My expectations were exceeded with this course! Previously I took another english class online at another community college and I can say this class was much better! The teacher's dynamic was great, we managed to learn a lot in a short time! Incidentally, I would love to have more classes on this course! I will miss it!
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