Essential Grammar for Conversational English

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Have you ever wondered about the correct use of a or the? May or might? Learn the answers to these and other grammar questions while conversing with friends! In this course, you will focus on honing your use of nouns, verbs, participles, grammar syntax. You will have the opportunity to practice grammar points through interactive activities and English conversation. By mastering these foundational English grammar points, you will greatly improve your conversations with others.


    • To successfully complete the course and receive a certificate of completion, students must attend a minimum of 75% of their classes in order to pass the course. If you are going to be late or absent, please email the teacher in advance (if possible), and you will be required to make-up any class work or assignments that you have missed.
    • Your active participation in your learning is a requirement of the course.
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  • Natalia Lopez


    If you want to learn or improve you English, you should take this course, Kenneth is a really good teacher, THE BEST. He knows how to explain each topic in this course, I'm sure, you will enjoy a lot it!
  • geraldin lopez


    A good course, I think this course has a lot of information, he uses many tools and pages to learn. I recommend this course.
  • Maria Siqueira Batista

    Great course

    This is a great course. I really learned a lot of things. The instructions and teaching methods are easy to follow. I recommend it everyone who wants to improve their English skills.
  • Ana Romero

    The best course I have taken

    I have taken other courses but in this one, I felt really happy, the teacher is really friendly and funny. The way he teaches is very good, he finds a way to teach and make the class fun.
  • Gabriella Butieri

    Great course

    I learned so much in this course. All the classes, videos and exercise are pretty helpful. The teacher is amazing!
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